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  1. Modifications - Performance
    Hey guys 06 sentra ser Spec v 2.5 Anyone ever deleted the ac compressor and ran a bypass pulley? Looking to get my hands on one to get a project running
  2. Technical Discussions
    Hey guys, new to the forums... Picked up an 06 sentra spec V 2.5 today, took a gamble and bought it "just needing a belt", well it does... the AC pulley locked up so it snapped the belt. Whole new, or even reman, compressors are pricy, and I can't justify it when all the windows work just...
  3. Modifications - Performance
    Of course my reverse lockout broke.... trying to switch out my shift boot it snapped, so I’m faced with this stupid situation of how expensive a new assembly is, now I’m reading a bunch of threads saying a short shifter will fix it and I already planned to, but my question is will a direct...
1-3 of 3 Results