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Originally Posted by c.d. View Post
It also jerks randomly like a hiccup causing the RPM to drop for a second when the A/C is on. There are no codes. Any suggestions of what I should check?
I am no mechanic, but I experienced this jerking/hesitation a few months ago. I step on the gas, and the car loses power and jerks/chokes. I stopped at a parking lot, waited a bit and started the car again and it was driving fine. Three weeks ago, my check engine light came up. It jerks/hesitates under load. I got the code P0300 six times and P030 once after I reset the ECU. Changed the ignition coils and same P0300 misfire code came up. Switched ignition coils between cylinder 2 and 3 and then P0300 came up again. Long story short, it turns out to be the MAF sensor. Buy a MAF sensor cleaner for like $10 bucks and clean the MAF first. It is very simple. Took me like 15 minutes to get the car running smoothly again and the engine light hasn't come off since. Ignition coils cost like $40. I would check the spark plugs next if that didn't fix my issue. I am sure other more knowledgable experts can give you better advice and good luck on your car.

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