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for the threads use anti-seize use just a little bit on each plug, im a mechanic and have seen multiple times where someone put new spark plugs into a aluminume head and they seize, and when you finally get the plug busted loose the threads in the head come with the plug.... then you got a bigger problem lol honestly the b15 tune up is really easy, i believe it is a 10mm to unbolt the coils from the valve cover, the coils and boots lift straight up, set them aside, you may have to unplug each coil to get them completely out of the hole, the plugs are 5/8 to loosen them use a spark plug socket, most come with a little rubber insert that holds the porcelin so when the plug is unthreaded all the way the plug comes out with the socket, you will also need a 6" extention and a ratchet fo course.... grab your 4 new plugs, check gap to nissan specs i cannot think off the top of my head but your owners manual will tell, usually new plugs do not need gapped but i check anyways, put just a touch of anti seize on the plug threads and put them in by hand before you put the ratchet on them, once you feel a little pressure give them another 90 degree turn then install your coils, plug them in and bolt them down. i gotta say my b15 is one of the easies i have ever done! good luck and feel free ot ask any more questions!
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