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yeah, the dielectric grease isnt for the threads. Its a electricly conductive grease that keeps the boot terminal from seizing onto the spark plug terminal and damaging the plug boot or coil next time they're removed. its worth doing yourself... All it takes is a spark plug socket and a 1$ packet of dielectric gease and you've saved yourself alot of money.

when you put the plugs back in, remove the extension from the wrench and just turn the extension by hand until the spark plug is seated. then use the wrench to torque them 1/4-1/2 turn or so. overtightening them might damage the threads or snap the plug. they dont have to be super tight, you just want to crush the washer down.

I reccomend the original NGK platnum plugs, part # PLFR5A-11.. gap should be .043

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