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Spark Plugs

1. Stick with OEM Nissan or NGK, which I believe are the same things.

Okay....I will keep that in mind. I thought maybe I could get something better in an 'aftermarket' plug; but perhaps not.

2. You'll need a spark plug wrench or adapter that drops down into the holes.

I have an extender that is about six inches or so. Will that work?

3. They 'should' not need to be gapped, BUT it's worth the $1 tool to check for good measure.

I have a gapper, which I suppose will come in handy if they need to be set differently than they come out of the box.

4. Make sure the car is cold, or at least not hot. Don't want to crack one.

Will do!

5. A dab of motor oil on the threads goes a long way. Don't bother with that diaelectric crap.

I don't know what "dialectric" is, but I figured some 3-in-1 oil would suffice.

P.S. Thanks!

2002 Sentra GXE in Molten Silver; 1.8L, 5-speed, Synergy Package. In 2012, it was repainted, had new struts installed, new head gasket, new water pump, new spark plugs, new sensors, and new belts & hoses. 160,000+ "original owner" miles.
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