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Spark Plug Replacement - 2002 GXE 1.8L

Okay, I just crossed the 105,000 mile threshold with my '02 GXE. So far, so good; but I know that I now need to replace the spark plugs (OEM ones are in there).

I saw a diagram in my owner's guide that has them down "inside" the engine on the end of long stalks. Apparently, they bolt into the end of the stalks and the stalks then go down inside the engine. It doesn't look very difficult, but I am leery of navigating these uncharted waters. I have replaced spark plugs on traditional 'domestic' V8 engines (Ford 302, Cadillac 429, etc.) before, but that was a long time ago.

Do they need to be gapped? Are there better brands (NGK, Champion, Autolite, Denso, etc.) than others? What is a good price to pay for a nice (mid-level or above) platinum or iridium plug that will work in the Sentra? I am more concerned with fuel economy than with power {it is a Sentra, ya know} - but would not mind sacrificing 1 or 2 mpg if I could get a little more scoot with it.

A local repair shop charges $79 to replace them (OEM type plugs), but that seems a tad on the high side if the labor is easily done by myself with no special tools other than a socket set. I change my oil & filter and stuff like that.......but I am not exactly Mr. Goodwrench by any stretch of the imagination.

P.S. Thanks for taking the time to read this & I appreciate any replies.

2002 Sentra GXE in Molten Silver; 1.8L, 5-speed, Synergy Package. In 2012, it was repainted, had new struts installed, new head gasket, new water pump, new spark plugs, new sensors, and new belts & hoses. 160,000+ "original owner" miles.
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