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No start on 1.8L 02 GXE

Hey guys,

It's been a while since I've been here. Usually my car is relatively trouble free, with a few little exceptions.

A while back my ECM went, and I had just had surgery, so had a dealer install a new one. I think it came to about a grand...what a deal!

Anyway, my car is experiencing like symptoms again. It won't start. Cranks great, stutters occasionally, but won't start.

When the ECM goes, I understand that often times the code readers won't interface and that's how to diagnose the problem.

Well, I borrowed a code reader and just hooked it up. It connected, it searched for codes, it reported no codes stored.

Now, I did disconnect the battery a few days ago for a few hours to see if that'd help, so maybe it could have wiped codes, but you'd think it'd create a new one by not starting (and I've let 'er crank for a while).

Now, leading up to this, over the last few weeks when the car would start it would run really rough for a few seconds (like all the plugs weren't firing) and then smooth out and run like a champ. I thought it might be plugs with 120k on them, so I changed them to no avail. Then about 4 days later this issue...

So, no codes and no start.

Any ideas for me to diagnose?

Thanks a mill!

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