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Originally Posted by Black B15
You got power to everything else? Headlights, radio etc....?

Check all your fuses just to be sure, there are some under the dash and some under the hood as well.

So it showed you a code of "0505"? What does that mean, it blinked 10 times, 5 times, 10 times and 5 times? I assume you put it into diagnostic mode by following the instructions on this website.....just want to make sure you are following the blinks to the correct code.
Everything else seems to have power, although I did not check headlights, or fuses. I retrieved the codes through the instructions in the forum here. I also have downloaded the FSM. The code blinked 10 slow, 5 fast, 10 fast and five fast, then repeated (0505, idle control circuit). I am not familiar with the Nissan ECM, so I don't know what might trip this code and cause a no spark condition. I was expecting a 335 or 340. If a crank or cam sensor failed while sitting, would a fault be triggered during cranking? I am wondering if the 0505 is related to the no spark at all. Will a fault 335 or 340 interrupt spark yet still cycle injectors normally? Thanks again!
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