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Originally Posted by Y2K SE
Everything you slam the Corvette for is multiplied by ten for your beloved Mustangs. You want to slam the Corvette for using a pushrod V8, but the Mustang's doesn't even have an independent rear-suspension. Compare the Corvette to a 911 Turbo? Ok...same performance, less money. Against the GT-R? No one really knows yet, but it will probably be about the same performance for about the same price. As far as the RWD, pushrod V8 versus the AWD turbo, and this is the bottom line: I don't care how the job gets done, as long as it gets done right. You can't honestly say the C6 Corvette doesn't get its job done well.
Beloved? I don't sleep with the damn thing.. lol...

The Mach 1 and Cobra have used IRS for years.. Honestly, for what I use the car for.. the 4 link/solid axle is much better suited. There's was a C6 Z06 at the track last night that snapped an axle on slicks.. I thought about this thread..

I didn't say that I didn't care for the Z06.. Hell, I'd love to have one, honestly.. But, it IS a rwd sports car.. It's not in the same class in terms of refinement, resale value, and OVERALL performance when compared to cars like the GT-R, 911, etc..


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