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Originally Posted by mrknowitall
I bet freddy could make the average person crap his pants...
I've made a member nauseous & he almost crapped his pants too. Told me to slow down 'cause he feared for his life. This was the greendot. It was great! ( ^o^) <3

Jeremy is pretty damn quick too.

Everyone should take a ride with Chris.

F*ck it! Take a ride with "Jetta". I would probably crap my pants with him. Hahahahaha! He's that fast! ( ^o^)

Former 2000 Nissan Sentra SE owner. Now I drive a little & underpowered "girly" NA8C car that can own many big & overpowered "manly" cars on a good chunk of canyon roads & road courses. Go NA8C! \(^o^ ) <3
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